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engines and hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic rotary actuators, hydraulic power units, hydraulic tools, machinery and equipment


assembly of hydraulic lines, hydraulic systems repairs, maintenance of machines and equipment, regeneration of actuators and hydraulic pumps

machining, manufacturing of parts and components, design and production of machinery and steel structures


  • Stainless Steel Valves – DEFINOX
  • Planetary Hydraulic Engines – HYDROMECH
  • Hydraulic Mining Drills – HYDROMECH
  • Portable Hydraulic Band Saws – HYDROMECH
  • Portable Pneumatic Band Saws – HYDROMECH
  • Hydraulic Impact Wrench – HYDROMECH
  • Hand Hydraulic Pumps – HYDROMECH
  • Rotary Hydraulic Actuators – HYDROMECH
  • Mobile Masts – HYDROMECH
  • Hydraulic Modular Power Packs
  • Radial piston hydraulic motors